The BBA - Good for Business, Good for the Community, Good for You!

What is the Bridgewater Business Association, Inc.? We are a non-profit corporation, originally formed in 1984, devoted to the interests of the business community in Bridgewater, MA and beyond. We are run by a dedicated group of volunteers, with countless combined years of business experience. BBA membership is open to any business, in any town. Join today!

  • We encourage business to business referrals.
  • We organize our annual Autumn-Fest, a festival of businesses, entertainment, and charity, with the help of the Bridgewater State University – Office of University and Community Partnerships, the Bridgewater business community and our members.
  • We organize our annual Christmas on the Common, a holiday event centered around the children and community, highlighting the camaraderie and charity of local merchants.
  • Funds raised from Autumnfest, Christmas on the Common, and other events we sponsor help fund and grow the BBA Assistance Fund, as well as continue the operation of our organization.
  • We believe that we can only get better and stronger working together and that it will benefit both the businesses and the communities they reside in.

Networking with over 190 local businesses in our membership, the BBA is dedicated to:

  • Promoting goodwill among business owners;
  • Encouraging ethical service to customers;
  • Sharing ideas and resources with business owners;
  • Interacting with the town governments;
  • Supporting the development and growth of member businesses;
  • Promoting “Shop Local! ” whenever possible.

Our Mission Statement

The Bridgewater Business Association, Inc. (the Association) exists for the purpose of promoting the

  • Civic
  • Social
  • Commercial and Economic Welfare and
  • Business goals

of its members.

Further, the Association is formed:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relative to business policies;
  • To lend guidance in all aspects of good customer relationships;
  • To promote integrity and good faith;
  • To serve as a vehicle for joint promotional events that will benefit all business.

It is understood that the efforts and funds of the association will be directed toward these mutual goals. It is further understood that promoting the general welfare of the community is compatible with this objective in that such activities ultimately benefit the entire community served by our members.

The Association shall not be operated for profit.