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The Bridgewater Business Association welcomes both members and non-members to participate in both our Autumn-Fest and Christmas On The Common events. With our continued growth, we needed to develop and publish the following policies on event participation.

Questions on this policy? Please contact the Bridgewater Business Association.


  1. BBA members with paid up dues will have first choice at locations at all BBA sponsored events.
  2. If there is more than one vendor with the same type of product, the member will have first choice for location. If there is more than one member with the same type of product, the first to register has priority placement.
  3. In the case of a Direct Sales Home Business (i.e.: Tastefully Simple, Avon), if vendor’s company has any a policy in addition to those listed herein, than the vendors will have to work out who will get a space. If two (or more) members from the same company are without a policy, then the first person to register has preference. But if a second person is told of the other vendor and still wants to participate, we will inform the first one and make every attempt to give them a location that does not conflict with the other.
  4. It is up to the Direct Sales Home Business to enforce their own rules.
  5. All registrations for our events are final. There are no refunds unless under extraneous circumstances, and are considered on a per-case basis.
  6. The BBA collects your personal information when you register. While we do not sell or share any of that information with third parties, we will use it for our own benefit in promoting and marketing the BBA to registrants.
  7. The BBA will post this policy on both our websites and attempt to include a condensed version on our membership applications and other necessary documents.